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Why do you need VJU tokens?

Post almost ANY video from YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook just by copy-paste of its link in 1 click to VideoBlog, share it with your firends and EARN 50% BTC bonus every time they will do the same and get VJU tokens to do it!

To post video from YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook or even the whole YouTube channel you need 10 VJU tokens per 1 video.

To earn bonuses in our bonus program you need 25 VJU tokens per every $1 (in BTC equivalent).

Send BTC to get VJU:

Send BTC to this address:

scan QR code or copy BTC address below;

send exact sum in BTC you have chozen above with any BTC wallet;

after 2 confirmations copy transaction hash from your purse;

Then paste you transaction hash below to get VJU: