What is VJU?

VJU it ERC20 Ethereum blockchain based token used at VideoBlog.io to incentivate users watching advertisers videos.

Total supply of VJU is 100 000 000. Decimals is 0.

How to earn VJU?

Watch any video (excluding added by you) for at least 100 seconds without leaving the page, muting or stopping video player to get 10VJU automatically.

You will recieve a push notification about every bonus you have earned.

Where to buy or sell VJU?

We are holding negotiations with several decentralized exchanges to list VJU token:

Wallet balance:



Request a withdraw of VJU:

Send 0.005 ETH to the address below:

You need it to verify your ETH wallet for withdrawing tokens and pay a mining fee.

Ethereum rate online: