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    90 26/06/2018

    o date, more than 900 000 people all over the world are participants of the international charity project, Whole World and their number is steadily growing.
    One of the main reasons for such a high popularity of our community is the use of the Partnership Fundraising concept, thanks to which any interested person within only a few weeks of participation can send millions of roubles (thousands of dollars) for charitable purposes by making simple manipulations and get steadily growing income generated by the simultaneously formed partnership structure.

    It does not require any special knowledge and skills, so practically everyone can become a successful fundraiser within the Whole World platform! http://pferbf.WholeWorld.ws

    Отзыв участника Whole World
    Irina Kushner, Canada, Winnipeg

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    Review by a Whole World's Participant
    Irina Kushner, Canada, Winnipeg

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