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Here's What NOT To Do With Facebook Promoted Posts When Advertising Or Marketing Your Business

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    Here's how to avoid the Facebook promoted post mistake that I made. I recently advertised an affiliate offer on Facebook using a promoted posts ad on my fan page that cost me about fifty bucks in addition to some other FB advertising and email marketing.

    The promotion received 877 "thumbs up" likes and I earned approximately $109,712.50 in commissions in a week. However, due to recent changes in the way those advertisements are being pushed out to people's news feeds... I made a few mistakes that could have been avoided.

    So I created this video tutorial for you that reveals the secrets to avoiding the same mistake I made when marketing with facebook promoted posts.

    Get your absolutely free step-by-step training videos, PDF cheat sheets and action plans on my blog at http://www.tubetrafficsecrets.com/lg1/