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    Follow us on a journey to better understand the ACX Network, a self-sustaining token economy that empowers participants to define financial access for themselves, where participants are incentivized to create long-term value for one another by democratically controlling the distribution of the Network’s Incentive Pool. These interactions are enabled by a modular suite of smart contracts that self-amend and distribute funds throughout the ecosystem according to the will of the network.
    The ecosystem consists of five core layers:
    -ACX utility token
    -Governance Protocol
    -Incentive Pool
    -Decision Modules
    -Off-chain services

    ACX Network’s intrinsic token (“ACX”) is used for the following
    -Voting in on-chain protocols
    -Participating in auxiliary services that incentivized contributors develop

    Communities in the developing world face pressing real world challenges but lack access to the financial and technological tools to improve their situation. Crypto-communities have pioneered disruptive blockchain solutions but lack a user base eager enough to immediately make their innovations effective in the real world. Access Network (“ACX Network”) is a means of aligning the interests of these communities such that they may solve each other’s problems.