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Tailuns International Crowdfunding Presentation English ,BONUS 25$, 24.07.2017

    Рейтинг 4.61 (16 голосов)

    598 15 2.51%


    25 dollars GIFT after 5 people will join with your referral link with $5 donation.
    Instant withdraw from $1.
    Get your referral link, invite 5 people and activate their accounts after their 5 dollar donations. And lead them to the second level with $10 and they are in the game!
    Money distribution between users is 100%
    Activate more plans with 20 AND 40 dollars. Your referrals will do the same.
    Instant payout to Payeer, Perfect Money, Advanced cash and Bitcoin wallets.
    All transactions are done automatically, except in your back-office.
    See the PDF https://tailuns.com/marketing/en.pdf development compensation plan
    Tailuns International is a unique Internet platform for receiving
    voluntary donations through the Internet for any your of project or idea.
    Remember: you risk nothing!
    A lot of people around he world that are eager to help.
    They are just needed to be reached!
    Join Now:
    CONTACT SKYPE: millia12

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