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5 scandalous facts of the biography of the star of the modern ballet by Sergei Polunin

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    He is № 1in modern ballet. He is incredibly talented.
    More interesting information https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbY-JSGlw-6m17wA7CTyHwA

    He is called the main hooligan of the ballet world and a child prodigy. His name is put on a par with Nuriev and Baryshnikov. He starred in commercials and video clips and dreams of acting in films. Ambitious and incredibly talented, "anfran terrybl" of modern ballet Sergey Polunin became the youngest prime minister of the London Royal Ballet by the age of 25, quit Covent Garden, return to Moscow, win the "Big Ballet" project on the "Culture" channel and earn a scandalous reputation "Bad guy."
    Sergei Polunin was born in Kherson, studied at the Choreographic School in Kiev, from 13 years he was engaged in ballet school in London. In 19 he became the youngest prime minister of Covent Garden in the history of the royal troupe. After three years of a dizzying career in England, he suddenly decided to quit everything and left the stage right during the rehearsal
    His best friend in London was a black American who three times served his sentence in prison for serious crimes. Together with him Polunin opened a tattoo parlor on the outskirts of the city.
    The body of the dancer is covered with numerous tattoos. On his chest - the scars from the wounds, which he himself caused a razor. At the same time, he regrets only that the scars are "not real" - they were received not in battle.

    It was often written about him that he "leads a disorderly lifestyle." At one time he experimented with drugs. Once the dancer admitted that he took cocaine before the performance in Covent Garden.

    Sergei Polunin became the face of the advertising campaign of the brand Marc Jacobs, starred in the video of director David Lashapel for the song Hozier "Take Me to Church", is going to act together with Mickey Rourke in the film about the rugby star.
    Sergei Polunin went to his goal from childhood, exhausting himself with endless classes and rehearsals. Success in ballet is never given easily

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