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Who are the bounty hunters and why are they the project developers

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    To take good faith under the control in the best traditions of blockchain technology are tried by the creators of the project Bounty Hunter. The site provides an opportunity for the creators of the project to track the unscrupulous bounty of the hunter, and the latter in turn is guaranteed to receive a reward for the work done. Bounty company is when a startup collects money for advertising its own ICO. Bounty Hunter - people ready for tokens to do useful for the project activities, for example, to spread information in social networks. The developers of the project Bounty Hunters report that the site provides expert evaluation of ICO projects. This optimizes the work: the hunter does not need to spend time checking the reputation of the project, and the developers - to avoid scammers. http://bountyhunter.club/reg4107

    Добро пожаловать в клуб Bounty Hunter. ✋
    ⚡ Bounty Hunter - интернет площадка, созданная для упрощения процессов коммуникации исполнителей (баунти хантеров) и компаний проводящих ICO.