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    There is a new crypto currency that works similarly with blockchain methodology, called MealCoinDinnerful; also known as MCD. The MCD payment network is gaining momentum as it delivers advanced stable value with the potential to greatly impact the restaurant industry.
    MealCoinDinnerful is available to buy using ETH (ether) for ICO.

    The DinnerfulNetwork has implemented the new payment technology and is a trailblazer for people who buy dinner with their own crypto currency (MCD) for a discount price. It is the first of its kind, directly used for catering on the DinnerfulNetwork without exchanging to a fiat currency. Many investors believe that the DinnerfulNetwork's upcoming ICO is the future of the restaurant industry.

    The DinnerfulNetwork is using this new MCD payment system, allowing people to open a digital store front. MCD is issued on the Ethereum network using its proprietary technology. The prospectus is that MCD could potentially disrupt the restaurant industry by grouping good and competitive restaurants with a wholesale price to its consumer base. This makes the possibility for the future wide open, where there is no need to purchase a physical restaurant for 500k, but instead owning 50K MCD to open a franchise in a preferred city, would be possible on the DinnerfulNetwork transaction blockchain.

    The MCD payment network can greatly reduce credit card processing fees from $20 to 12-15 cents. The product and currency has the potential to radically change the credit card industry and banking in the future.

    Franchise owners would also be able reach out to several restaurant suppliers providing wholesale price meal packages for groups of families based within DinnerfulNetwork. Franchise owners operate according to DinnerfulNetwork franchise menu using its online tools and resources. This lowers many costs associated with physical restraint and increases profit margin.

    The DinnerfulNetwork utilizes a Groupon style discount pricing model which offers incentives for consumers to use the MCD payment method. Besides being the first crypto currency used directly for dinner, DinnerfulNetwork and MCD has an algorithm in design to maintain a price floor of initial issued price with dinner service. If the MCD market price goes lower than initial price, diners can always use the same value for dinner. MCD has a limited supply of 10 million and with future Groupon style discount travel and lodging service in preparation, the MCD market demand is expected to increase in the future.

    Media Contact:
    Company Name: Dinnerful Network
    Contact Person: Michael Wan
    Official ICO website: https://www.dinnerfulnetwork.com/

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