ICO News: REGA Risk Sharing - First Crowdsurance Platform

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    Подробнее о ICO News: REGA Risk Sharing - First Crowdsurance Platform

    REGA Risk Sharing - the world's first crowdsurance platform.
    REGA team develops insurtech platform that is going to reinvent traditional insurance and take to a new level sharing economy.

    At the moment REGA has:
    - team of professionals with more than 20 years experience in risk management and scoring
    - strong WP - ICORating mentioned it as one of the strongest WP they ever seen :)
    - pilot MVP for pet care product on REGA platform (Lexi Club)
    - positive references in media (Forklog, Forbes, Cointelegraph etc)
    - good assessment from rating agencies (ICORating: Stable+, ICOBench 4.8, ICOBazaar 4.6)
    - published at github smart contracts
    - pre-seed investments from international fund (AltaIr)
    - successful presale campaign: https://goo.gl/Czz4Y2
    - our strong believe and trust in we are doing a great thing that can make life better and more safe for millions of people around the world.

    REGA Risk Sharing develops crowdsurance platform based on blockchain technology. Leveraging our 20 years experience in risk assessment and scoring we’ve created REGA Risk Sharing platform - the new standard for insurance market with state-of-art technology that will be available for everyone as a new segment of the shared economy.

    As REGA platform has fundamental differences with conventional insurance in foundations, rules and philosophy, we introduce new term “Crowdsurance”, meaning people unite in communities to provide a guarantee of compensation for unexpected loss.

    Get more info about Rega Risk at https://rega.life/

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