ICO News: ClearPoll - Social Opinion Polls on the Blockchain

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    Подробнее о ICO News: ClearPoll - Social Opinion Polls on the Blockchain

    ClearPoll is a unique project, offering a social hub for users to browse for polls, vote securely and have their votes stored with blockchain technology. The advantage of this is clear – no individual or corporation can tamper with or censor poll results. This results in a great understanding of current public opinion on important issues such as political and human rights. But it’s not all serious – users can also vote on entertainment, sport and many other poll categories, with the tap of a screen.

    ClearPoll Director Daniel Abela said:
    “In recent times, we’ve noticed that public opinion is being misrepresented and even fabricated by much of the media. This is by design, to support a certain narrative or simply to create headlines. We’ve decided to do something about this problem, and the solution is clear. Decentralised voting and poll results will remove the ability for anyone to tamper with or hide real public opinion.”

    There are several key features of ClearPoll that set it apart from other polling options:

    • Blockchain technology removes control from corporations or even the site owners. Not even the ClearPoll staff can censor or change the votes or poll results.
    • A true social hub where users can vote, view and socially share results.
    • An easy to use app and desktop platform, ensuring anyone who has a device will be able to vote on their chosen topics without difficulty. No blockchain understanding is required.

    "If ClearPoll was available during the 2016 US Election, we wouldn't have been so surprised at the outcome. We would've seen that it was a very close race, nowhere near the landslide we were told to expect. This accurate knowledge of public opinion may have changed the result by encouraging a greater voter turnout on the day."

    The company behind ClearPoll, Nextech Developments, is dedicated to providing innovative and intuitive apps. The ClearPoll directors have previously designed and released mobile apps with over 10 million users worldwide.

    Nextech Developments are currently undergoing a token sale (commonly known as an ICO) to raise funds for full development and launch of ClearPoll.

    The ClearPoll token sale presents a rare opportunity to participate in an exciting tech start-up in its early stages. Hype surrounding the project is growing fast among investors, fintech professionals, and cryptocurrency traders, largely due to the short circulation and high demand for the ClearPoll tokens, known as POLL.

    A critical project analysis from the well-respected Hacked.com concluded “We feel that the concept is tailored around a real need for the market and is likely to succeed.”

    If you’d like to support ClearPoll or participate in the token sale, which ends very soon, visit their website at https://www.clearpoll.io

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