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ICO News: Privatix ICO - Blockchain VPN network

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    Privatix is a decentralized, fully autonomous and blockchain-based P2P VPN-network with the first broadband marketplace and its own crypto economy, where everyone will be able to buy and sell unused traffic and develop their own solutions based on the platform. The network cannot be blocked. It has the encrypted broadband bandwidth and all transactions are made in a crypto currency.

    Privatix Network will reduce costs and increase profits on the VPN consumer market, eliminate intermediary services and enable people to share their Internet bandwidth by means of P2P sharing, which would enhance the efficiency of information exchange on the Internet. Privatix will open up new prospects for creating network-based apps and services related to CDN, data collection, Business Intelligence, anti-censorship SDKs for apps, and other.

    Privatix Token Sale is starting on 19 October at 14:00 UTC. The project has been developed by a reliable team with the successful track record in the VPN related field.

    There will be a total emission of 10,000,000 PRIX.

    Eight million PRIX, including bonuses that range between 40% and 5% depending on the date of purchase, will be sold to the public as part of the Token Sale. A special 40% bonus will be paid to contributors who buy tokens within the first 48 hours since the start of the Sale. The bonuses will then go down every week. The maximum duration of the Sale is four weeks.

    For 1+ ETH contributions is possible to register at the Whitelist to get a 40% bonus (registration is available until 17 October 2017). Whitelisted contributors will be able to buy tokens on 18 October (one day before the formal start of the Token Sale).

    The token based on the Etherium blockchain and featuring a fixed emission of 10,000,000 PRIX will be the only crypto currency to be used by Privatix Network members. PRIX is not vulnerable to devaluation and it will be traded on external exchanges.

    The price of the bandwidth will be determined by the demand and supply balance, for example, 1 MB = 0.001 PRIX. Therefore, the excess demand in bandwidth would result in the hike for PRIX price. This would attract more Agents into the network and they can sell their bandwidth at a higher price. Similarly, the excess supply in bandwidth will make the network alluring for customers since they would pay less for the bandwidth.

    Network members will create broadband bandwidth buy/sell deals using PRIX only. Demand in the token is based on user intentions to buy bandwidth, and token supply stems from the intention to sell the tokens earned, by exchanging them into any other currency.

    Privatix was founded by experienced IT-entrepreneurs and talented developers who advocate a free Internet, online security and privacy protection.

    They have worked in the field of online privacy and security for over 10 years, and they ultimately developed Privatix.com, one of easiest-to-use VPN services out there, which is accessible to everyone, regardless of their computer skills. For two years in operation, the service has been used by over 750.000 customers.

    Further to that, they created the Temp-Mail service that has over 250.000 daily visits, and released other privacy protection services, including 5vpn.net.

    Join Privatix Token sale: https://privatix.io/

    Blog: https://medium.com/privatix
    Telegram: https://t.me/Privatix
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/Privatix1
    Facebook: http://facebook.com/privatix.ltd

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