Make You Feel My Love - Adele / Bob Dylan / Glee (Official Music Video Cover by Ivana)

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    MAKE YOU FEEL MY LOVE | Cover & official music video by Ivana performing "Make You Feel My Love" by Bob Dylan / Adele / Glee / Kelly Clarkson / Ed Sheeran / Billy Joel / Garth Brooks. Music instrumental by Sing King Karaoke. Videography by T.J. Bloemendal. Video editing by Ivana Raymonda van der Veen © July 2017. [Lyrics is included in the YouTube Subtitles CC] ♥♫ SUBSCRIBE For More: ♥♫ WATCH MORE: ♥♫ This video was made possible by my lovely supporters! I hope you want to help sponsor my music and get really cool rewards in return at or on or donate :) ♥

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    Make You Feel My Love - Adele / Bob Dylan / Glee (Official Music Video Cover by Ivana), 

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